"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known." - Chuck Palahniuk



Julie and I met around the 5th grade at church. She walked in with dark make up and 2 inch Rocketdog sandals. In the fifth grade. She grew out of her then sense of style, but our friendship has always been growing since that day in the fifth grade. From countless karaoke sessions, to church retreats and endless days of dancing together through the many different stages of life, she remains one of my closest girlfriends who is loyal and ridiculously trusting (she was the first one to let me drive her car without a license, let alone a permit). I am genuinely lucky to have this sister stand beside me (she will be most likely be the first one crying) as I tie the knot.

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Jennie and I are "gifted children"-- at least this is what our parents told us when they bussed us out to go to a school called Wonderland in the 4th grade. Since then, we have gone through many Korean stationaries, pretty inked pens, and a lot of math homework together. We've shared lockers with textbooks that were never touched, spent endless days moping around looking for jobs, and now we travel together every chance we get. My years of excelling through singlehood may come to an end soon, but I am beyond thankful to have had this sister along for the ride. She has given me enough eye rolling when I cry at ridiculous movies or musicals. She will meet me at Dan Sung Sa at a drop of a dime. I'm honored to have this sister by my side as I bid my singleness adieu.



Susan Oh, Bridesmaid

Re: Searchable on Facebook as Marley Oh. (No idea why she wants to be referred to as a dog.) Susan is my younger sister, who lives off of iced black coffee and who annoys me by being the most unorganized (what she calls spontaneous) girl I know. As sisters should, we grew up having many (fist) fights, a lot of arguments we usually forgot about in the next 5 minutes, and sharing many mornings where we started the day off with a great soup called pho. She religiously wore a bandaid on her face throughout high school-- you should ask her why. She's probably mourning the fact that soon she'll have no one to take her to get some pho with, while recounting the many nights that easily turned into early mornings. I'm grateful to have my sister stand willingly (key word) by my side as she gains her new "bro."


Janet Choi, Bridesmaid

Janet and I met in junior high, and even managed to live with each other as roommates for 2 years in college. Yes, she endured the many mornings of waking up to my then obsession, Clay Aiken, or her then obsession, Hoobastank. We've gone through many sessions of ditching school together (don't tell my mom), infamously questioned whether we had to go to class in the rain in college (we said no- #valleygirls), and slept through fire alarms together (we didn't hear it!). She's never been one to shy away from her opinions and thoughts; and that has always been the core of our friendship. I can always rely on our conversations being easily about an hour, regardless of the fact that she's in Austin and has two young boys running around the house yelling her name. I'm grateful that she has remained my faithful friend through these years and am so thankful to have this sister by my side as I take my next big step.


Erica Lee, Bridesmaid

Erica and I have known of each other since childhood, growing up in the same church & going to the same high school and college; but I had scared her off from being my friend until our first year of college. From car rides to and from San Diego, with our chauffeur Steve Chon, with secrets being shared in the white stallion; to being the first one to trust me in the kitchen by giving me a knife and asking me to cut green onions-- which thankfully did not end up with any bloody mishaps (#adultingishard), she's been a constant friend through the years and through the many life changes we have faced. Constantly being the level-headed voice of reason, even when I'm hysterically trying to find my phone which happens to be in my back pocket about 150% of the time, I'm grateful to have this sister (and my phone) by my side as I say "I do".



These are the guys who have seen it all with me...the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But through it all, we have had so much fun, so many laughs and so much good food!



Ed and I met through our time at church, Living Way, while playing poker at his place. With some luck, I took his money, but more importantly won over his friendship. Our friendship started with me teaching him a thing or two about poker, and continued with our passion for books, cooking (Yes, ladies, he's single!), and, of course, eating. From trips to Vegas where we'd solely go to eat food (not even to gamble at all), to trips to Napa and other locales, I'm glad to have gained such a loyal friend. Throughout the years he's always been there to lend an ear, share a meal, and has been a sound voice of reason when I've wanted to jump off the deep end. I'm honored to have him stand next to me on my next leap forward.



Dan and I met through church, but easily became friends through our time in small group and many meals we've made together. Through the brainstorming (mostly him) of menus, to creating drink concoctions, Dan has been a friend I thoroughly enjoy spending time with in the kitchen. Through shared drinks and meals, to talking about life, love and all things in between, he's been a good friend. I'm thankful for his friendship and am thankful to have him stand next to me on this next chapter of my life.



Sam and I have had plenty of great adventures together, most of them involving food. I remember a time in Vegas when Sam befriended the waiter. He then proceeded to shave up to almost a whole pound of white truffles on our pasta (ok, maybe it wasn't a whole pound, but it was a lot). Even though his wife, Susie, gave me the title of his weekend boyfriend in the past, I'm happy to just be his friend. Here's to sharing in my next great adventure together.



Stephen and I (also) met during our time at Living Way, where he was the star outfielder, and I was struggling to make the throw from 1st to the 3rd baseman. Through the years, I've grown to cherish our friendship beyond the softball diamond, and have enjoyed our many nights out grabbing a bite and sharing about life. There's also no one else I would have wanted to watch game 7 of the World Series with. (Go Cubs!) I’m glad to have him stand next to me through another epic moment.

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Paul has always been there for me. Dedication and loyalty have always been strong characteristics that he embodies, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. As a teacher, many of his students and their parents would show just how dedicated of a teacher and coach he was. When we used to go out to watch a movie or eat in Pasadena or Burbank, we would wager how many of his former students or parents we would run across. No matter the line we set, it would often go over, and they would speak with such enthusiasm about meeting him, asking how life was going, and if he were still single. Many of the parents would try to set him up with people. (Keep in mind, he met his wife through former students of theirs). But that speaks to how much he has meant to all of them, and to me. I'm thankful to have his support and his encouragement as I walk down the aisle.